European Trail Orienteering Championships 8.-12.5.2024

Turun Metsänkävijät arranges European Trail Orienteering Championships 2024 May 8th - 12th 2024 at southwest Finland, at Turku area.

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1.4.2024   Results, maps and solutions now shown at the Huhti-Tempo and Huhti-PreO competition page.


28.3.2024   Sosial Cathering Info (Banquet) and Public Race Bulletin 1 are released.

. Public Races kutsu julkaistu.

28.3.2024   Bulletin 2 (kilpailuohjeet) and startlist (lähtölista) added to the Huhti-Tempo and Huhti-PreO competition info page.

21.3.2024   Information for media can now be found from the Media page.

9.3.2024   Bulletin 3 (pdf) is released.

Bulletin 3

7.2.2024   The first registrations have arrived. The victory was taken by the Slovenian team. With a difference of a few minutes, the Great Britain team took the silver.

ETOC 2024 page at the IOF Eventor


15.1.2024   Turun Metsänkävijät arranges Huhti-Tempo and Huhti-PreO TrailO events April 1st 2024 at Turku. Bulletin 1 and Kilpailukutsu released. Here to the competition info page.

15.1.2024   Thank you for all competitors for participating to Tammi-Tempo and Tammi-Sprint!
Results can be found from the competition info page.

Competition photos by Sami Sinervo

15.12.2023   Here information to competitors who are planning to participate both ETOC2024 and WMOC 2024:
The ETOC2024 TempO final and WMOC 2024 sprint qualifying are in the same area. However, the competitor can participate in both competitions, even if participation in the ETOC2024 TempO final requires entering the WMOC 2024 embargo area. After the ETOC2024 TempO final, however, you are not allowed to go there with the map if you plan to participate in the WMOC 2024 sprint race.

More information about WMOC 2024:


15.12.2023   Turun Metsänkävijät arranges Tammi-Tempo and Tammi-Sprint TrailO events January 13th 2024 at Turku. Here to the competition info page.


27.6.2023   Bulletin 2 (pdf) is released.

Bulletin 2

1.2.2023   The Mayor of Turku Minna Arve is the patron of ETOC2024!


8.- 9.10.2022   Nordic Match and Finnish Championship TrailO (ETOC 2024 pre-event) October 8th - 9th 2022 at Kaarina, southwest Finland, near Turku. Here to the competition info page.

Nordic Match

31.5.2022   Bulletin 1 (pdf) is released.

Bulletin 1