FinTrailO 17.-18.10.2020 Turku
Turun Metsänkävijät arranges FinTrailO 2020 trail orienteering competition at Turku next autumn October 17th - 18th 2020.
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18.10.2020   Thank you for all competitors for participating to FinTrailO 2020 at Turku!

18.10.2020   PreO results, maps, solutions and FinTrailO combined results are on the Results page.

17.10.2020   Now also TempO and PreO-sprint maps and solutions are on the Results page.

17.10.2020   TempO and PreO-sprint results are on the Results page.

15.10.2020   Startlists are now on the Results page.

14.10.2020   Competition instructions (pdf) released in English and in Finnish.

Competition instructions

31.3.2020   Bulletin 1 (pdf) is released.

Bulletin 1

21.11.2019   Flyer (pdf) with program released. First official bulletin will be released in March 2020. Follow us on Facebook  .

FinTrailo 2020 flyer

20.11.2019   What is trail orienteering? Trail orienteering is an orienteering discipline centered around map reading in natural terrain. The discipline has been developed to offer everyone, including people with limited mobility, a chance to participate in a meaningful orienteering competition. Trail orienteers must identify on the ground control points shown on the map from a distance.

More information from IOF trail orienteering page or Finnish Orienteering Federation trail orienteering page.