Turku Street-O
Turku Rogaining Nightsprint 14.11.2018
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Turun Metsänkävijät arranges open 2-hour rogaining competition, Turku Rogaining Nightsprint, on 14th of November 2018 evening together with Turku Street-O event.

Turku Rogaining Nightsprint have classes for men and women individuals and 2-5 person teams, see competition invitation (only in Finnish). Route design starts at 17:45 and actual start is at 18:00 o’clock.

Entry closing date is Wednesday 7th of November 2018 22:00 o’clock.
Late entry closing date is Saturday 10th of November 2018 at 22:00 o’clock with 1.5 x entry fee.
Entries are made via IVK-entry system (again only in Finnish, sorry).

Turku Rogaining Nightsprint competition center is Vasaramäen koulu.

If you have any questions about Turku Rogaining Nightsprint, please contact competition leader Kari Lehto, +358 40 727 4970, kari.lehto(at)tume.fi.

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Previous Wintersprint and Nightsprint results with maps can be found from Tulosarkisto  .  and photos and videos from Galleria  .

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